Gift Boxes

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5 lb. Salted Pistachio Gift Box

5 lbs. Salted Pistachios

5 lb. Salted Almond Gift Box

5 lbs. Salted Almonds

Tried and True Gift Box

Tried and True

Salted Pistachios
Salted Almonds
California Mix or
Chocolate Raisins + 1 Gift Box
The Sampler Gift Box

The Sampler

1 pound each of Salted, Garlic, JalapeƱo, Lemon Chili, and Salt and Pepper Pistachios
California's Finest Gift Box

California's Finest

1 lb. each: Salted Pistachios, California Mix, Peaches, Choc. Almonds, Pecans, Apricots, Almonds, Walnuts, Choc. Raisins & Golden Raisins
Nutty Combo Gift Box

Nutty Combo

1 lb. Salted Cashews
2 lbs. each:
Salted Pistachios
Salted Almonds
Oh - Oh Chocolate Gift Box

Oh - Oh Chocolate

Chocolate Pistachios
Chocolate Almonds
Chocolate Walnuts
Chocolate Raisins + 1 Gift Box